Six Strings Open Mic
Every Wednesday
Every Wednesday at Six Strings, check out some talented local musicians performing on stage.

If you're a musician who would like to play. Come on in, and sign up that night.

Doors: 7PM        Sign Up: 8PM        Show: 8:30PM

Clayton Shay Band
July 22nd, 2016
The Clayton Shay Band is exploding into the live music scene, delivering the perfect balance of in-your-face rock/country music that is guaranteed to keep you on the dance floor and partying with the band all night long. With their roots ranging from hard rock to blues and country, The CSB has attracted the attention of live music fans all over central Illinois. With the band performing favorites from artists such as Jason Aldean, Keith Urban, Eric Church, Thomas Rhett, and many more, you're going to want to grab a drink, hit the dance floor, and sing along to every song. Being one of Six Strings Club's newest house bands, you need to get out and see for yourself what you've been missing out on. It's sure to be an experience that leaves you thirsty for more!

Doors: 7PM                Show: 10PM
Jack Dupp
July 29th, 2016
Hailing from Normal, Illinois, Jack Dupp and The Empty Bottles is a band that rumbles like a freight train, screams like a pterodactyl, and kicks like a mule. Bringing you tunes from Petty, Pink Floyd, Neil Young and many others.

$5 Cover / $3 with Student ID

Doors: 7PM                Show: 10PM

Michael Layne Band
July 30th, 2016
I have been tapping into my soul and capturing it's essence in my music. I write, record, produce, play, sing, everything you are listening to here. I have recently finished my first full length CD that is 100% "Just Me". Self absorbed? Haha, well maybe from the outsiders perspective but I'd like to think not. I have been writing and recording with other musicians most of my life, but since I can play every instrument I figured I would give it a go solo and see what comes from my own heart and personal experiences. This approach has allowed me to be more honest and vulnerable than I might otherwise be.

I have a bittersweet relationship with the songs that are coming to life here. Music is a struggle just like life. I typically find the most satisfaction when I'm on the edge of losing control. Taking risks until I find the right balance. I find the most passion in the risks. Sometimes I crash and burn, and that sucks... but that's when I know I'm getting close. Success is just around the next turn. For me, music and life go hand in hand in this way. My musical diaries are moments captured along the way. Musical pictures, moments in time that express what words alone cannot. All is not what it seems at first. I encourage you to dig deeper into the lyrics and the music. Put on the headphones and let me know what/who you find...

$5 Cover / $3 with Student ID

Doors: 7PM                Show: 10PM
Blackjack Billy
August 12th, 2016
Every band has their unique success formula, for Blackjack Billy it is their combination of talented songwriters, and a drummer with a gift for live performance which led to them to being called the “Rolling Stones of country music.” Often called one of the hardest working bands in the business; when Blackjack Billy takes the stage with their unique blend of Country and Rock, heads turn and people take notice.

After gaining widespread exposure thanks to their 2013 breakout hit “The Booze Cruise,” the grassroots heroes brought their trademark sound back with “Why God Made Summertime.” Now, they hope to show their fans a softer side with their new single “Night Light,” which proves they’re more than just a party band. They’ve shown they can rock an audience; “Night Light” shows their versatility and the gift for songwriting that brought them together in the first place.

The members of Blackjack Billy are as diverse as their sound; hailing from different parts of the country, each brings his unique background and influences to the table: Vocalist Noll Billings is from the boot-heel of Missouri, Jeff Coplan, a guitarist who also handles production duties is a New Yorker by way of Canada. Only drummer Brad Cummings was born and raised in Music City. Noll Billings and Jeff Coplan moved to Nashville as songwriters and they were soon pulled towards one another in the town’s tight-knit music community. “Night Light” is a return to those songwriter roots. The session that birthed the track was sparked by Coplan’s desire to write a song for his five-year-old daughter, while Billings wanted a love song for his wife and the result is a tribute to their families that shows fans a different side of Blackjack Billy, both lyrically and musically.

The guys play close to 130 shows a year across the U.S. and Canada, and they treasure every Nashville homecoming. “I think everyone can relate to this in some way, whether you’re out on the road, serving in the military, or whatever it is that takes you away from the ones you love,” Billings says. “I want this song to speak to my wife and say, ‘As much as we’re gone, I’m always here. I’m always in love with you.’”

The guys of Blackjack Billy are involved in every step of creating new music. From writing the songs to producing their own record, playing their own instruments in the studio, and even driving their own bus to the hundreds of must-see live shows they perform every year, this self-sufficient band of brothers is sticking to the goals that brought them together in the first place, to write and perform the best country songs they can.

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The Clayton Shay Band is opening up the evening!

Doors: 7PM                Show: 9PM
David Kroll
August 19th, 2016
When you are only seven years old and already know what you want to do in life because you just saw Alan Jackson in concert and he literally rocked your world, then get out the kiddy plastic guitar and start learning how to play, because Nashville is just an interstate ride, and about a decade away. At least that’s the way David Kroll saw it that night when he was a little boy wearing a too-big cowboy hat and smart little boots at his first Alan Jackson concert. “This was my very first concert ever,” Kroll explained. “Alan Jackson was playing my hometown of Burlington, Iowa and it was a BIG deal. I still remember watching him and wanting to be up there on that stage so bad. I walked around the house the following week with my plastic guitar singing ‘Don’t Rock The JUICE Box. At least that’s what I thought he was singing!”

He formed a band and spent six years playing at local bars and countless fairs in Iowa and western Illinois, developing a sturdy and impressive fan base along the way. And thanks to the older and more experienced musicians he met, he learned the fine art of infusing his live performances with a very high energy level.

Kroll never removed his eye from what he saw as his prize: living in Nashville and furthering his craft as both a performer and songwriter. His diligence and numerous trips back and forth between Burlington and Nashville opened a number of doors for him in Music City and soon he had the opportunity to open shows for some of country music’s biggest acts, including Chris Young, Eric Church, Montgomery Gentry, Darryl Worley and more.

$5 Cover / $3 with Student ID

Doors: 7PM                Show: 10PM
Chris Bandi
August 26th, 2016
Raised on country and rock n roll, Chris’ love for music began at a young age. Whether it was in his dad’s car or in his family’s living room, Chris would sing everything from Elvis and Garth Brooks to Bruce Springsteen and Cat Stevens.

In high school Chris joined a band in St. Louis, Missouri. They became rather famous around the area winning several Battle of the Bands and opening for national touring acts. After high school Chris dropped the music to focus on college. Around a year ago, Chris picked up his guitar after a three-year hiatus and started singing again – this time country and southern rock. A few short months after he started playing again, he had the opportunity to audition for American Idol! Validating that he can sing, he made it through the auditions and to Hollywood week! Now Chris wants to keep things going with his music.

Though country is what he sings today, he appreciates all genres of music.

Recently, Chris was introduced to a great producer out of Nashville. The two started collaborating on a demo CD of several of his original songs and expect it to be complete sometime this summer.

$5 Cover / $3 with Student ID

Doors: 7PM                Show: 10PM